Blog #8

I’m back!

I’ve spent the last few weeks at home for Easter, enjoying the break from course work and recharging those battery’s. Now I’m at Uni again for exams and can then begin on those summer projects that I was speaking of.

I feel that even though I have ample time, 6 fortnight projects might be stretching myself a bit thin. I shall do my best regardless. I’ve been thinking about the sort of things I want to achieve form these projects and have decided on some loose topics:

Doing a games degree I naturally want to make some games. So to spice things up I have decided that I will spend two of the weeks doing mini game jams, hopefully giving me 14 basic but working games to add on here.

I also want to get to tips some more with modelling, partly because of my artistic interest and also as a good programmer in a company should be able to relate to those doing the art for a project for them to support each other’s ideas.

Following on with this idea, and also giving me a head start with some of the things we are to be covering in a module next year, I would like to mess around with some graphics programming. This will probably be met with limited success, but it interests me so I want to try and incorporate it into something.

Beyond these explicit things, I’m not too certain of what else I will cover; there are some programming languages that I would like to get more familiar with, some assembly language stuff we touched on last term that I want to explore further, I’d like to expand my artistic gallery and look into deformation of structures in games. But what I will do achieve any of this I’m not certain.


Until then however I will be focusing on revising for my exams. I’ll get back to this next week.