Data Visualizer #2

So yesterday marked the start of teaching week 8. According to my plan I should have implemented most if not all of the basic functions of the application. In actual fact I am struggling to get past the first hurdle.

You see, the way we were meant to implement OpenGL through the skeletal frame work provided was based off windows API. The way I (foolishly) chose to tackle the problem was by using .NET windows forms. This lead to me spending the last 4 weeks struggling to provide any OpenGL calls with a handle and get past the frame work. I currently have this to show for my work:


The black being my OpenGL window encased in a panel, as you can see no geometry is being shown despite it being coded in.

Realistically I feel that today marks the moment when I hang up my stubbornness and change how I am tackling this to the way laid out in the foundations provided by our lecturer, otherwise I am never going to finish this…