#13 – Fresh Start

4 Weeks into this second semester and I have been SOOo busy, much like everyone else on the course!
I’m making extra efforts to stay organised and to refine this site of late though.

Graphics 2 is turning out to be a much better module than Graphics 1, despite the content being more complex. At the moment our assignment is to make a ray-tracer to calculate lighting, reflections, refractions, shadows and anything else we feel like adding in.
The next will be to make a flight simulator, but more on that when it comes to it.

Application Development is all about network applications, learning HTML and CSS, as well as using PHP and JavaScript to make everything work.
We’ve had a few really interesting lectures on SQL-injection and cross site scripting, focusing on the damage that can be done if not prevented against and more importantly how to prevent attacks.

The final module I’m taking this semester is simply entitled Team Project. The learning aims are to simulate a working environment and for us to learn practical work place skills, team work , leadership, motivation, the like. What makes it special to me however is that I am project manager for my group, allowing me to apply my leadership skills in a real world situation.
Together we are working on a roll-a-ball game for android, with various puzzles and a special mechanic to keep things interesting.

As well as the above, I’ve also put some time aside to develop my own pinball game in Unity3D which is coming along nicely and learn some more about the current state of SpelunkBots and how Spelunky generates its levels.

More details on each of these will be released shortly.