#15 – The Mystery of the Missing Week

Our story begins long ago in the land of not last Thursday but the Thursday before, the week of Blog #14. The day was the deadline for the ray-tracer, this means that at some point in the near future I will be uploading it and beginning the process of explaining it from scratch.
Last Monday was spent writing the essay to go with this component. By the time it had been submitted and I had been to the extra curricular AI talk by Tommy Thompson. It was much too late to even be thinking about posting here.

Tommy is, by background an AI researcher, and fortnightly presents his ‘AI in games’ talks to anyone and everyone who wants to attend. So far he has covered topics ranging from Goal Orientated Action Planning (G.O.A.P) that was introduced in the F.E.A.R. Series, to Directors Systems used in Games like Left4Dead and FarCry. Most of his lectures so far, as well as an interesting series ‘Let’s Play AI’, can be found on his Patreon feed.

Forward winding I also finished my pinball game, just before the release of unity 5. That will be coming up soon along with the whole ‘how its made’ article.

Course work wise now I am working on the next component of graphics, using techniques to write a graphics engine for a flight simulator, our team project has been converted to unity 5 and is still being pushed in the development process, finally I am writing a paper on the ‘ The evolution of server side technologies’ for my application development module.

Look forward to the upload of my ray tracer later this week!