#17 – Doodles and Drawing and Stuff

I LiedI have a confession to make…
Last week I said my first review would be about Google Cardboard:

As things stand right now I’m still waiting for the parts to arrive, although I did have some success streaming my laptop screen to my phone and using the accelerometer as a mouse to control where it looks.

Testing mouse binding
You may recognise Skyrim. There is a slight delay, which is worrisome, we’ll see how it fairs as a HMD.

There is an amount of lag in the headset and I feel there may be issues with the frame-rate which may induce nausea, fun!

Until Next Time

In the mean time feel free to enjoy my post tomorrow about SketchBook Mobile by Autodesk, as I compare versions 2.9 and 3, which I have been using as my primary source of graphic design software.