Brandon White

Alt_JR_2501_5116From the moment we are born we are immersed in stories, for entertainment, advertising and socialising. Video games tell stories in a way that no other media does, by involving the viewer in the very action taking place before them. For myself it is this unique way of involving the audience and immersing them in the world they are being wrapped up in that sets making games apart from all other forms of digital media.

My personal strive to make games is founded by my inquisitiveness, in particular for how things work. I am often mentally deconstructing computer programs and working out the logic the developer put behind them to cause it to work the way it does. With the rising use of interactive computer simulation and games within education there could be no other industry I would rather work in.

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From even before GCSE level of my education I have tailored my subject choices towards a career in computing. Throughout my school career I stuck to Maths, Physics and Graphics as my main three areas of interest, building a sturdy foundation for the principles of programming and game design. I have undertaken several schemes that I felt would provide best experience for entering the games industry. Young Rewired State, work experience with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and an Undergraduate Research Support Scheme creating new interactivity for the WorldViz Vizard 5 Virtual Reality Engine. Whilst the subject title of my degree is officially Computer Games Programming, the core principles taught have aligned me very well for any role in the IT industry. The sandwich year, undertaken between years 2 and 3 of undergraduate study, spent at Compufile Systems Limited taught me more than I could imagine about SQL server, pushing my skill diversity even further and rewarding me with the first part of a MCSA certification.

Academic Qualifications


(BSc Hons) Computer Games Programming: ‘ongoing’


Pure Maths, Physics, Further Maths, Graphics


Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Graphics, 3D Design, Business Studies, Religious Education, English Language, English Literature, French

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