SpelunkBots – Getting Started – Adding New Bots

For the current version of the API (20/5/15 at time of writing) there are 2 ways of creating bots, each with a different means to be included and selected by Gamemaker. At 13 pages these exact means are somewhat obscured in the documentation so here we aim to create a simple step by step introduction … Continue reading SpelunkBots – Getting Started – Adding New Bots


Easier than expected

After finishing the Gravity script I began looking into split screen (which I find much more fun than online multi-player and feel should make a come back). The actual act of making a split screen view is very simple. Just add another camera into the scene and tweak the values of each to cover the … Continue reading Easier than expected

Decision Made

... Of sorts. After a busy and quite frankly exhausting start to summer, with gardening, going out to work, helping at Scouts and finding time to mess around with code, I have decided on a course of action that best interests me. Before deciding on a game to produce, I have concluded to run a … Continue reading Decision Made

#18 – GameJam

In all my busyness last week I completely forgot that the weekend just gone was the second game of this university year. Not to fear. I attended. 48 hrs (Well 47 with the clocks going back) with barely any sleep messes with your head, yet I wanted to see what I could produce on my … Continue reading #18 – GameJam