Over the couple of years I have attended university I have had the privilege of putting my name to several projects, through means of coursework, extra curricular activities and of my own intuition.


The following are assignments set during my time at the University of Derby,  each marks a step of progression I have taken to become where I am currently;

— Written as a C# console application, recreating the board game battleships was the first assignment set at university, reinforcing all knowledge of Classes, Instantiation and Program loops.
Unreal Tournament Map
— As a group students learnt about map and gameplay  design theory, while also learning how to use UDK (before Unreal Engine was released).
Data visualiser
— OpenGL and C++ were used to generate basic rasterised shapes and to create graphs based off any CSV files passed in.
Ray Tracer
— Here C++ and use of the OpenGL library were used to make realistic images including reflections, transparency and ambient lighting.
Rendering Engine
— C++ and OpenGL formed the basis for shader programming as well learning texturing, camera view space and transformations to allow for movement.


I have attended several GameJams (functions in which attendees build a game within a set period of time), the results of a few are as follows;

Panzer Sloth Task Force
— First ever project, created in Unity3D using C# as part of a 48 hour gamejam with a team of 3 other first year students. The name was created via a random generator, the game is a top down shooter in which the player controls a tank (the task force) shooting zombie sloths.
Passing the Torch(es)
— Solo project, created in Unity3D using C# as part of a 48 hour gamejam. The theme for the weekend was ‘passing the torch’, the player must navigate their way through a series of rooms without being caught in the torch beams of patrolling drones. First ever attempt at PCG maps.
— I became involved in testing and even developing the SpelunkBots API in the lead up to the Spelunky AI Competition in 2015.

Mini Projects

In my time off I have undertaken some pieces of development which do not necessarily produce anything, but rather is me exploring an area of interest for a time;

Procedurally Generated Meshes
— As part of the issue of not having any scenery assets to make fleshed out game worlds with I spent some time exploring the art of generating shapes via scripts. I then developed this further towards creating ‘low-poly’ style meshes of trees and rocks.
Bonds Flocking Algorithm
— Seeing someones implementation of swarming behaviour got me itching to try my own. I spent some time developing various different solutions in a bid to find the most optimal.
Gravitational Fields
— I undertook an investigation in how to create “Super Mario Galaxy” style worlds in which the player could walk ‘upside down’ over the surface of spheres.