#15 – The Mystery of the Missing Week

Our story begins long ago in the land of not last Thursday but the Thursday before, the week of Blog #14. The day was the deadline for the ray-tracer, this means that at some point in the near future I will be uploading it and beginning the process of explaining it from scratch. Last Monday … Continue reading #15 – The Mystery of the Missing Week

#2 – Delving Deeper

For the entirety of Spring 2015 Jordan Rowe¬†will be¬†officially a member of the SpelunkBots team with the job title 'Spelunky Assistant'. Since the last post, they have been working tirelessly to update the documentation, to make it more 'first time user friendly', as well as tweak the SpelunkBots DLL to optimise methods and fix bugs. … Continue reading #2 – Delving Deeper

BLOG #11 – The GameJam – #1 SpelunkBots

So I mentioned the GameJam in my last post. This took place last Friday (17th October) for 24 hours. The difference with this from previous Jams that have taken place is that there were multiple events that were going on. The typical 'make a game in 24 hours' jam had the theme of 'Wario ware … Continue reading BLOG #11 – The GameJam – #1 SpelunkBots